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Hey 19 – We can’t dance together No, we can’t talk at all Oops, I used Steely Dan’s words Since I’d rather look at the birds Twenty-Nineteen, huh? Are we going back in time? As we’re counting backwards in this … Continue reading

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Slew of Rhyme

Living is a chronic condition To survive it, we break tradition If only people would sing a rendition Of their favorite song without a petition Perhaps they’d experience triumph Over thoughts beyond the great bayou That seems to be blue … Continue reading

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The List

• Money • Time • Friends • Family • Privacy • Travel • Food • Sex • Music • Job/Livelihood • Leisure • Events • Occasions • Appointments • Shopping • Interaction • Reaction • Introversion • Extroversion • Outspoken … Continue reading

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Suitcases of green, yellow, and red Active, mellow, or go to your head Seems vacation is never-ending But I’m enjoying my happy ending Traveling through time and every vortex As if time stands still in my hex And each new … Continue reading

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An Out of Date Machine

An out of date machine Is as useful as a gene For its archaic design spells out A basic pattern to work about It’s as if it is a blue print For something better on the mint Since productivity brings … Continue reading

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Basic Talk

I’ve been waiting through the basic talk Length doesn’t matter I think as I walk As long as it’s open communication And meaning is varied by enunciation Through the basic talk I wait Just as a seed by the garden … Continue reading

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Smells Fab

  Smells Fab, doesn’t it? The laundromatt, pastures, prairies, and dogs? Smells Fab, doesn’t it? Mold, electronic gold, marvelous smog & vog? Smells Fab, doesn’t it? Stale beer, cigarettes, and urine? Smells Fab, doesn’t it? Incense, curry, patcholli, and myrrh? … Continue reading

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