Radioactive activity has mind in a frenzy
Yet, I’m rising above the treads
My heart…it levitates above sea level
And I threw away the gauntlet & gavel
The electrical impulses prompted the shimmy
The cocoa bopping marshmallows
Left me channeling my Jimmy
Carrey me (not Kimmel(s) & bits
This fair maiden’s focus can be strong
She puts the aunts back where they belong
Not all up in her knickers
Bockers! She’s much too much for their Snickers
As the Charlies just horse around
She’s busily floating the cloud
It may seem fruitless
But the flies can be ruthless
Well, with so much honey
It gets pretty runny
She could swat like a child
But the SWAT team goes wild
Therefore, the quivering continues
Within this timeless inge’nue
Maybe better with a tissue
Than another innuendo

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We all need to have our hands occupied
Mom smoked and the smoke got in my eyes
I cried, but her smokin’ body travelled
And with my hands, I color to unravel
The mysteries in life are a many
But I’ve got drawings. Yes, plenty!
Funny how the memories dawn
Like a beautiful setting sun
All those things she could not say
Were because she knew I learned through play
Because it exhausted her to yell or preach
Notwithstanding rebellion – let experience teach
Therefore, she may have walked quietly
But she had a schtick
I just couldn’t see it
And so, I write limerick

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As the introvert became ex
She left out the S
Without her outer shell
It shocked her not to tell
So sassy is this lassy
Her life is rather messy
But she needed her ire to inspire
In otherwords, her pants are on fire!
She’s just a little lyre

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De Cent

De Cent.JPG

When you get really high
You will need to descend
Which means you’ll need to be decent
And work for de cent
There’s a time to soar and roar
Then there’s a time to just hit the floor
If there isn’t an elevator
Take the stares
A slow and steady pace is what you face
In the heat of the night and disgrace
Perhaps one day you’ll find your place
By only shifting gears with the pace
And I know the adrenaline rush
Seizes the boredom with blush
But at the same time doing another line
Breaks off the finger that once assigned
It relegated you into confinement
When perhaps you could find your own alignment
And simply be happier stepping back
To view how the egos/eagles attacked
Or just to absorb the bigger picture
Not everyone needs a lecture
And if the beauty lies within
She’s doing it as a discipline
What else can I say
But it’s raining. Can’t go out to play
And even as I’m not all wet
I hear splashes of nurturing nature
It’s all good with the coming of Spring
Don’t mind the bees buzzing or even the sting
Even if I do, I just sing
It relieves pressure from the binding string

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Mysterious Limousine



With the l-o-n-g-e-s-t stretch of the imagination
I see it in awesome elation
This vehicle which holds nine
Snuggles me within my hide
Starting with my feet, his hands glide up my stems
If I describe further, you’d see my rims
And I’m trying hard to keep the greasy side down
Let’s just say he isn’t a fool nor a clown
Up past my engine, he reaches my headlights
And he’s twisting the bulbs to see whether they light
Have I piqued your interest? He asks
My exhaust breathes out a gasp
“It’s not with a stick I shift you, my darling.” He whispers
Then, after our love-making episode, seems we’re ready to explode
Who’s taken who for a ride, my lover?
(This poem was supposed to be undercover…)

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Blind Growth

When I no longer see the risk of exposure

Nor blame the past outcome

Or search for the cause of the future

The vision becomes clear while blindfolded

Simply walk through the dark lightly

And through the light with might

Because mustard seeds grow

Even though it seems slow

That’s about all I know

My senses tingle

As I begin to mingle

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Confounded, but Grounded

Confounded, but luckily not impounded

Exposure was the risk

Towards an outcome to frisk

And the world pushed back

Against an obscure fact

Because it boomerangs all you give

There’s no other way to live

Thank goodness I am grounded

Like a coffee bean & astounded

So smooth to the taste

And not a drop to waste

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