Cheese to Grate

1076.Cheese to Grate

In becoming a fan, have I become a fanatic?
Is this a fantasy or am I a mental acrobatic?
Why does imagination take a rap?
People get paid to think outside the lap!
Is it so bad not to have a Linus blanket?
Now we have cell phones as the racket!
What are we doing with memorization?
When constantly we need a vacation?
Killing off the brain cells with all we consume
Can’t cherish the moments or smell the bloom
I suppose enjoyment comes from all that pleasure
And what has been lost, we cannot measure
Emotions are so easy to manipulate
Thus, our brain becomes cheese to grate
To think a man’s mind as waffles
Is a statement true to boffle
And the woman’s mind is spaghetti?
We’re not at the armed and ready?
Oh Cockypock! I see morning wood (male)
Oh Meathead! I see female orgasms
Sorry to get so sassy, but it’s dumb
And everyone has each other under thumb
Maybe someday we’ll pull out a plum
And say ‘Oh what a good human in RUM!’
Now it’s time for me to run
As I continue my place in the sun.

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My Poetry



Each line is like cocaine

Somehow it helps my brain

To accept the intolerable

Even as it’s abominable

It pushes out toxins

By producing OxyContin

It’s only valuable when it leaks

Crying out for comforting peeks

It’s the only thing I can do

When the world is a stew

For what is a conversation?

But a constant flow

What does it change?

But the brightness of glow

As we constantly subdue the other

Perhaps we’re calling out mother…

But she’s in some other room

And she plugs her ears as we boom



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Me rrr Maid


They tell me I’m a water bearer
To give you an ice bucket challenge
But this Aquarius wants to swim
In the depths of your oceanic whims
Because she’s almost a ying-yang fish, Pisces
That’s why relationships get dicey
For sure I’ve got the intellectual prowess
While being provocative and flawless
Sometimes I enjoy flipping my tail around in show
Other times, I’m a fly on the wall below
It’s complicated to explain that’s why I sing
It breaks the spell of the worldly sting
Therefore, as I gleefully swim my dance
I check up on my lover in a trance
He’s still waiting for me on the shore
And I swim over to check in and adore
Someday, my big ‘ol tail will hit the sand
And I’ll grow feet to walk the land
Hopefully, we can live harmonious bliss
Forever after in matrimonial kiss

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Hourglass Contraption

Playing with the Ball in my Co urt

Caring that a sandbank
Has innumerable grains
The highest value I could fathom
Was a number from a phantom
Then another minute passed
As I lazed upon the grass
And as I dreamed
The sandbank was creamed!
Counting grains of sand
Suddenly seemed bland
And the highest value
Was on my menu
Then another minute ran
And my toes were in the sand
If the sand were in an hourglass
Instead of on a bank…
My mind wandered even faster
Than that wave about to quake
Would they throw stones at the housing?
Of that contained contraption?
What value could it bring if they took action?
And as you can see, my friends,
The pondering be told…
Hourglass, metaphor for human vessels
They are keeping & spending all the gold!
Then another minute washed by
And all I could do was sigh…

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While dreaming, I heard a voice tell me
‘Be thou as the Tre’, but do not feel betrayed
So, I contemplated the wisdom
On a quest to become wholesome
If only we would remember the sweet crumpets
Why then we could rejoice in hearing trumpets
And disregard how it’s all digested
Why then we could be all in and invested
Then and only then can we come to a conclusion
That our ideas, thoughts, and dreams are not an illusion
Therefore, if I see my tray as empty
I’ll fill it with cognoscenti

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Salt, Water, & Taffy


If not for the insult
How could there be in salt?
Seems each one of us needs to cry
Not sit in a corner like a fly
Speaking of which, spreads germs
That germinate like a can of worms
And they’re crawling everywhere
Forgot my underwear
Incoming salt once again…
I can’t say why, how, or when…
YES! The candy DOES taste sweet
Off the taffy-pulling machine…
`Was this poem sickeningly sweet?
I just can’t stand down
Because I land on my fleet
Sailing is fun when we meet!

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Smile when you’re seething inside
That’s the way we’ll all abide
For the lash of thy tongue shall be spared
While the lash of thy eye too be bare
For the rage that lies skin deep
May re-direct in all of your sleep
And deflate as a puffed-up balloon
Seeping air as your head becomes cool
The sighs of a peaceful sleep
Will guide your soul to keep
Sweet blessings and tidings will come
In the form a fairy, Sugar Plum

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