Making Grade

Sand Dig.jpg

 Explaining & complaining are the crux of all words
Eventually, I clam up since there isn’t any pearl
Of wisdom or of knowledge since it’s all a mystery
And school is out for summer just becoming history
So, the cat doesn’t have my tongue
The mouse ran up the clock
My cat may like to chase it
But it’s thinking of the cock
Which crowed three times again
And it seems I am betrayed
But I don’t let it worry me
Kept scoring making grade

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Follow Me


Follow me down the Apple River
We’ll float on an inner tube
Rather than watching the boob
Yes, I said the Apple River
It’s in Somerset, Wisconsin so we’ll be safe
From those pesky cops on the Interstate
Or if you’re afraid of scraping your buns
On the shallow parts
Or even the rapids that take your fart
On the bumpy rocks, no doubt…
Then maybe just settle for the other Apple
Which one? Take your pick!
The one you taste or the one with selfie stick
But whatever your choice of sensation
Kick off your shoes & enjoy the vacation!
Follow me…Follow me…F-O-L-L-O-W……M-E!

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Cheese, Glorious Cheese


Cheese, Glorious Cheese
So holy & so ripe
Just a tiny piece
To keep me from the gripe
The smell, the aroma
Puts me in a coma
Mice are always trapped
Men are always caught
Of Mice & Men?
What have we bought?
Cheese can’t stand alone
When everyone wants a nibble
Even as we watch Jimmy Kimmel
Cheese Popcorn, it’s Nacho Cheese!
Velveeta & Cheese Whiz?
Already took that quiz
We do smile for the camera
They probably love us better
Let’s all practice saying ‘CHEESE’
While the big doggies left us fleas
And the records we be scratching
Helps us cope with all the latching
Cheese, Glorious Cheese
So holy & so ripe
Just a tiny piece
To keep me from the gripe

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Fancy Fetish

In a moment’s time, I dared
To be fancy while posing a glare
It’s that energetic beatitude
Joyfully setting the mood
Decorated in garb’s best
Gawdy with a bit of zest
Still classy despite how trashy
Without that bling it’s stashy
An artist’s life is so transposed
Even while it’s not exposed
Decisively livid, Accidentally askew
Inappropriately happy, Talented brew
In a moment’s time, I dared
To be humble while posing a glare
It was almost the same vanity
Except not so colorful sanity

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Spiral Staircase


Life is like a spiral staircase
At times we’re ascending
At times we’re descending
Always trying not to catch or trip
Journeying round & round as we rip
Life is like a spiral staircase
Carefully stepping so as not to fall
Victim to the distractions upon the wall
Scurrying fast to enjoy our play
Making the most of every day
Life is like a spiral staircase
If we reach the top, we exude outward
Yet, there is nowhere to aspire to
So hard to begin the climb anew
The inward silence makes us blue
Life is like a spiral staircase
Intimidating to contemplate
Seems a passion-filled irate
But if we nurture mindful state
Perhaps we’ll discover our own fate

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The dog quietly sat to watch her
He didn’t bark, beg, or bite
He just waited there
Until his soul could take flight
She wanted to pet the dog
But she just looked back at him
It wasn’t a doghouse, but a Sim
Yes, a simmering, glimmering sound
Of a singing bowl on the ground
Calling, playing, and coaxing
Yet, the music remained the same
(It could have been a hoaxing)

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Breathing through childhood asthma
The pollution was like plasma
It hit me every Memorial Day
For some reason, Eugene wanted to play
Or maybe just remember him
As for survivor’s guilt
I have to laugh with lilt
Post traumatic stress disorder?
Couldn’t help but put it in order
Then developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
But it seems they had Attention Deficit Disorder
Since it should be named Compulsive Disorder Obsessive
Anywho, it’s a perfect life
Having flipped over the strife
To overcome labels so definite
While I’m not made of granite
But if you don’t take me for granted
Can’t live for what was planted
Therefore, in this circular round we sing
There isn’t any freedom in a ring
And life changes all the time for me to cling
It’s that way all over the world
So I stand and I dance in a whirl
Dance for me darling
Dance with grace
Dance with leather
Dance with lace
Dance for the day
I can kiss your face

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