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The number five so vivid Amongst a purple background Bold in black, five stands her ground Because the world is round and profound

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Things are changing before my eyes I should change with them – I tantalize I’m morphing into another role I did not want, but hear the drum roll From a poet to an artist to a squatter It isn’t much … Continue reading

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Quite peculiar this boy Eating his feet was his joy

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The morning sky produced a flake As I see while eating cake A thousand more before sunset Give me cocoa and a crumpet

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Since I am not close to expiration I use my sweat and perspiration For something entirely transpiring And one day all will be admiring Onward I press as the band leader Each note that’s played sounds sweeter And it’s always … Continue reading

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Took a wrong turn or maybe I missed I can’t quite tell and the time? I kissed Lost on some old country road With no food or gas so I’m told Praying to God I can coast on fumes At … Continue reading

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Blue Belle

We all wear that uniform A responsible service dress How the heck else could we know The meaning of success? Attractive, yet conservative With the knowledgeable color, blue So dignified, yet pretty & simple Like Little Debbie and her dimple … Continue reading

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