Bio of Bonita Louise Christensen (aka: Bognetta)

Who is Bognetta?
Poet and Songstress, Bognetta, was born in Bloomington, Minnesota, home of the Mall of America, on February 18, 1967. Her birth name is Bonita Louise Christensen. She is the daughter of Judy Lucinda Ellingsworth, a nurse’s aide, and Gene Harvey Christensen, a Public Works Engineer. Ruth Lund served as role of mother during a time it was hard for Judy, her mother. She has one older sister named Melody. She would have had an older brother, Eugene, but he suffered encephalitis at age six.
Bognetta Education History
She attended Hudson, Wisconsin Elementary Schools, New Richmond, Wisconsin Middle and High Schools, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, New Richmond, Wisconsin, Globe University, Woodbury, Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin River Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Philosophy. She also studied Accounting, Supervisory courses and was certified as a Real Estate Sales person but could not commit.
Early Life and Careers
While under the care of Ruth Lund, she told Bognetta two things: ‘There is no such word as ‘can’t’ & ‘If people pick on you, it means they like you’ Somehow, these two messages guided her throughout her beginnings.
Bonita had a paper route when she was eleven that lasted about one year. She was top fund-raiser in a bike-a-thon for Cystic Fibrosis and was gifted a trip for four to see the Brewers play baseball. She later raised money for Multiple Sclerosis with biking in The Ride Across Minnesota in two different years. Her fund-raising efforts in high school included selling plastic Christmas gizmos door to door for the choir’s trips and was awarded enough money to buy herself some black leather boots to show off. During high school, she worked at a laundromat and Kozy Korner’s restaurant both in New Richmond, Wisconsin. She also worked at Maple Manor Nursing Home, Stillwater, Minnesota, where her mother also worked. She worked as a tray preparer and dishwasher for the residents. Bognetta, had a plan/dream to attend college by using the Army’s college fund program. She completed basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and was transferred to Fort Benjamin, Indiana for her MOS training. She returned home after just six months due to being hospitalized with sinusitis and stress. She worked at her hometown canning factory, Fridays, in New Richmond Wisconsin, while once again living at home. Her uncles had worked there for many years. She also tried her skill as a bar waitress at a bowling alley in Stillwater, Minnesota. The nightlife was mezmorizing and she tasted new flavors of cocktails. Later, after she finally obtained her driver’s license and moved out of her parents’ house to an apartment in Houlton, Wisconsin. She carried two fast-food jobs to meet living expenses: Kentucky Fried Chicken during the day and Burger King at night. She went on to marry a former marine, Jeffrey Rhone in April 1988, a carpenter and car buff, and they had one daughter, Roxanne Suzanna Rhone. During her employment as a mother, she was driven into the job market to supplement the family’s income. Although seemingly unrelated to said career of Poet and Songstress, she always carried those dreams. She worked at the Brown Wood Restaurant in Baldwin Wisconsin where she waited on Carl Perkins who inadvertently changed his breakfast order after she brought out what he ordered in the first place. She’d write on the back of tabs, ‘Have a (wonderful, marvelous, or stupendous) day!’ to break up the monotony of the typical ‘Have a nice day’ She said it was amazing working at the golf course in Hammond Wisconsin, where she brought drinks around to the golfers. As Supervisor at Hardee’s in Baldwin, she became rather dissatisfied. Possessing an eclectic mind, she supplemented her income with student loans by finally attending college, her former plan/dream, when her daughter was old enough to attend school. After all, like daughter, like mother. She worked various temporary jobs at various factories in Baldwin, Wisconsin as well as multiple restaurants (A&W Baldwin, Wisconsin, Arby’s and Hardee’s in Hudson Wisconsin, and the Renaissance Festival in Shokopee, Minnesota, which was interesting to her because after a shift at Arby’s, she would drive to Shokopee to sleep in her car until her shift began at the festival. She also worked at the greyhound race track in Hudson, Wisconsin as a pretzel vendor. When a new Walmart was being put up in Hudson Wisconsin, she assisted. Anything and everything to get through college and family life. Throughout her many adventurous careers, she collected a plethora of movies as well as songs in order to become globally cosmopolitan.
After her split from Jeffrey in 1999, Bognetta latched on to technology. She obtained her first cellular phone while employed with the Census Bureau as it seemed a requirement as a Crew Lead. She also bought her first computer during this time frame (2000).
In 2004, she worked for a testing company, Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), in Woodbury Minnesota. She also dared to work simultaneously for a second testing company in Brooklyn Center, NCS Pearson. She currently works seasonal projects for NCS. She met her second husband, Michael Kevin Stanley at DRC, and had her second child, Christopher Harrison Christensen-Stanley. Another full-time job assisted by New Horizon, Woodbury, Minnesota and Kindercare, Woodbury, Minnesota so that Bognetta could pursue becoming who she is (a workaholic). Their relationship lasted ten years Always aspiring to expand her life’s artistic palette, she once again attended the same college, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, to gain insight about more technology. In 2011, she took more classes pertaining to geography and using ARC GIS as well as Film History. Christensen’s favorite activities in college this time were learning about the many-colored mapping shades, shapes, layering, and design available for making maps, participation with her Boney show at WRFW, the college radio station as well as the college’s television broadcast, Focus on U. Although her multiple pursuits may be considered ‘incomplete’ by societal and industry standards as she was not certified in ARC GIS nor obtained a second degree in Film at the university, Bognetta is relatively computer savvy and has learned to apply these technologies to her poetry website at and video website at as well as express herself through her Audacity and Blue Snowball.
Bognetta and Kevin split on 20 December 2013. Afterwards, she spent time observing social behavior and relationships while residing in Austin, Texas, San Francisco, California, and Maui, Hawaii. She developed the Homeless Vacation Station while on tour, but the website became unavailable and her efforts were put asunder. Many new literary creations and art were made including books of which she hid within the walls of libraries. Pursuit of the so called ‘process’ evaded her.
Professional Disclosure
So, to complete the round-circle of this BIO, Bognetta is constantly seeking avenues for self-expression. As far as the career is concerned, (what career) her life is making perfect, logical sense. It seems she is finally reaching some kind of nirvana of poetic justice.
Maybe she didn’t need geography lessons to lead her to her new paradise home in Maui, Hawaii, but since she’s in the sandwich islands, she does a more practical job for the good of society working at Subway as a Sandwich Artist while attending to her love of life itself.

Poetry, Songs, Pictures, Paintings and Videos
Bognetta: Body Measurements
Bonita has the height of 5 feet, 6 inches. Her body currently weighs less than 113kg., but should be decreasing and as time continues, she will hopefully complete updates. Her true hair color is light brown with wisdom streaks, but she’s fighting for her youth anyways and colors it a rainbow. She has blue eyes and enjoys her glasses over contact lenses due to so many germy and time-consuming complications contact lenses can have.
Bognetta: Social Media Profile
Bonita Christensen is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. However, she is contemplating reduction of life on these because life is not a video game with multiple lives given.
MORE about Relationship
According to the records, she is possibly involved in one subliminal and spiritual relationship at the present time. It could also be noted that the words ‘relationship’ and ‘family’ have diversified and expanded. She enjoys life very much.

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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