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Hi! My name is Tawnita! Some seem to think I’m not really living my life as I like to stick my nose in books or just play music all day long in my room, but those people have different definitions of what it means to ‘have a life’ because they spend most of their time destroying it. So, they have the gall to tell me to ‘get a life’! Yeah, they say they’re enjoying life by smoking, drinking, carousing, or trying to get laid while I’m busy building up brain cells by learning new things. It certainly doesn’t make me any better or worse if I get laid. Hell, I can do that by touching myself if need be, but that’s not really where I’m at. There’s nothing to prove. Maybe there isn’t much left to discover either. Seems there’s nothing new under the Tuscan sky. Some ask me, ‘Tawnita, don’t you just want a release?’ or ‘Tawnita, wouldn’t it feel nice to feel validated and acknowledged?’ Well, certainly! I feel a release already though. I get one when I have time for a nice, hot shower and I get one whenever I achieve a power nap. I feel validated and acknowledged by the simple act of communication. Intercourse is quite important, but sexual intercourse, not so much. Did you know the brain is actually the biggest sex organ there is? Life can all be gone in a puff of smoke, drowned in a vat of alcohol, or pondered away pining and worrying about who’s loving you. What we should be focusing on is the mystery about it. The truth is, we just jump to conclusions about it or create assumptions. Really, we should just act like a doctor and shout out, ‘NEXT! Next patient, please!’ And maybe that patient is YOU all along because you have no patience. Yeah, no audience to captivate! Never in zillion years could we ever change other people’s free will of choice. The most we can do is have influence. ‘What do you care ‘bout what other people think?’ as Robert Palmer would say. Be something for yourself and try getting others involved if you need help, but whatever you do, you’ll manage. I’ve noticed there are only two things one can control. They are looks and location. We all go home in a box. Ask yourself if you’re a star, are you a fake. I doubt it. Success is ingrained, imprinted, and engraved for all of us. We just have to stop making up excuses and grab the bull by the horns once in a while. If you’re not that much of a risk-taker, then shut up and enjoy life in the bed you made for yourself. Sorry to be so direct, but that’s why I prefer to stick my head in books and listen to music all day. This lecture is over. Time for recess!

Mahalo! Thank You!

fE Barbie doll



About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter word...love!
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