Octurnal Conscience

Octurnal Conscience

Love is an ever-knowing mindfulness
Love is transcending-it’s never-ending
Love could be a noun or a verb
And it flavors life up like an herb
Love shows up at work or at play
Accepting everything put in its way
Because they’re all simply minor distractions
Which delay us taking action
In the midst of building or dismantling
Love is busy bantering
Happily cheering, but sometimes jeering
One can’t really harness it since it’s elusive
Even as we desire it to be, it’s not quite that exclusive
But it’s there every waking hour
For all the universe’s changing power
Love could talk story endlessly
Or be as a silently growing tree
Love is the energy flow as well as the perception
Love is quick to guard against the falsehood of deception
Love is a threatening promise for the doubting Thomas
In its weakness, it is strong
Despite events going wrong
Mostly, it’s an eternal song
Helping us know we still belong!

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter word...love!
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