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He said he’d change my life with a blank check But it got to be so personal I wasn’t dealing with a full deck And my simple life became so complicated Even my bowels became cramped and constipated! So many … Continue reading

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Pedaling As I Tread Water

  As I rode away from the concrete jungle of the city, The untamed trees became oh so pretty Sparkling with colors…orange, yellow, and red The bold, crisp, popping bursts stick in my head Then the parking lots were suddenly … Continue reading

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Smells Fab

  Smells Fab, doesn’t it? The laundromatt, pastures, prairies, and dogs? Smells Fab, doesn’t it? Mold, electronic gold, marvelous smog & vog? Smells Fab, doesn’t it? Stale beer, cigarettes, and urine? Smells Fab, doesn’t it? Incense, curry, patcholli, and myrrh? … Continue reading

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Even the wreckage still stands Of the coliseum and all its grand Events to mock, inspire, and revolt Our deepest emotions are but a joke It stands to remind us of jaw-drop Violence, blood and glory of flop Perfection is … Continue reading

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I Forgot the Dog

As I consume my home-cooked meal So well-deserved over hot stove I steal A forlorn look with eyes so attentive I forgot the dog and his incentive! As I cheerfully bound for the outdoors I slam the door of indoor … Continue reading

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Russell Stover

As I rustled through the wrappers Of Russell Stover’s candies to pamper Myself through a mindboggling struggle I haphazardly found a flavor to muddle Over the value of the tastebud’s surprise My hands applauding through the doubtful surmise

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