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The List

• Money • Time • Friends • Family • Privacy • Travel • Food • Sex • Music • Job/Livelihood • Leisure • Events • Occasions • Appointments • Shopping • Interaction • Reaction • Introversion • Extroversion • Outspoken … Continue reading

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Suitcases of green, yellow, and red Active, mellow, or go to your head Seems vacation is never-ending But I’m enjoying my happy ending Traveling through time and every vortex As if time stands still in my hex And each new … Continue reading

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An Out of Date Machine

An out of date machine Is as useful as a gene For its archaic design spells out A basic pattern to work about It’s as if it is a blue print For something better on the mint Since productivity brings … Continue reading

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Basic Talk

I’ve been waiting through the basic talk Length doesn’t matter I think as I walk As long as it’s open communication And meaning is varied by enunciation Through the basic talk I wait Just as a seed by the garden … Continue reading

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Some of the products come without service And some of the service comes without products But whether physical or deliberate action We try our best to give it And serve so gleefully with grit But mostly the motions happen fast … Continue reading

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Glasses, books, and reports Make my eyes want to abort All this keeping track Until my next heart attack Just doesn’t serve my purpose Of enjoying freedom like a porpoise And jumping about in the water Instead of keeping my … Continue reading

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A Current Account

A current account buys currants Because you can eat them (make jelly or sauce) And then you are square with the world Digestive track operates unfurled

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