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They Have Brains

As I put my feet up on a chair To relax my blood flow-not a care I see so much opportunity there Out in the garden-Thoughts take as I stare I could water, pick rocks, or weeds I could dig … Continue reading

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Wesley & Porocko

Upon an old, crackly-looking, yet sturdy branch sat a wise ‘ol owl named Wesley. Wesley spent his time watching the activities of all his forest friends with his big googly eyes. He also enjoyed eating little rabbits and mice now … Continue reading

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On the other side of the universe, where the moon shines brighter than here, and where the flowers are a hundred feet tall, there is a nether world called Happiest Heaven. As you might very well anticipate, all who live … Continue reading

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Ms. Pissinpot & Her Pissed Off Adventures

Once upon a time in this day and age, there lived a strange, yet wonderful lady named Ms. Pissinpot. Now, Ms. Pissinpot liked to go sailing along the Smell Like Fish Sea. In fact, it was her favorite activity! She … Continue reading

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Learn How to Travel

We get on our bikes Or we ride in our cars Either way, we don’t get very far As we learn how to travel And let go of stuff Then time can unravel Since we can’t get enough Although we … Continue reading

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Because I can

I offered you a place to fall into fantasy But your solution to my suggestion was the TV How sad, but true it’s all you see Just a virtual world with no reality Only pre-planned plays of spoken garb And … Continue reading

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Bag Ladies

As I witnessed the many people at once It occurred to me they’re clueless and such Some search for happiness in the stores While others just stand in line for more Ironically, we’re all bag ladies & men Wandering earth … Continue reading

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