Cat in the Hat

888.Cat in the Hat (Dancing for the Alien)

Go with your gut or go with your head
It doesn’t matter since you are not dead
And even if you were, nobody forgets what you said
Therefore there is immortality in our frugal liberty
We make up to do lists as if there’s no end
And check lists galore, but nowhere a friend
To admire all that we do and all that we’re told
A troll under a bridge that looks like a toad
If everything’s been said and done
Then what makes us unique in our moratorium?
Just as a record on repeat?
We spin ‘round and ‘round as if it’s a feat?
Truly this is a mere popularity contest
Of who’s most charming, charismatic and best
Unfortunately, we don’t get to vote
Instead we are manning our own little boat
But even as the rain may fall and pour
Hopefully we’re not, but riches galore
As we feast our eyes upon all its glory
And focus diligently on our own journey
Complete with side blinders so as not to tempt
Eyes straight ahead though our world is bent
Comforts and convenience rob us of endurance
Of primitive times when we ate pheasants
I’d like to love without shame
Even if I take all the blame
So to find the joyful crowd
I need to laugh real loud
And display a proud, unafraid demeanor
As the vanity grows, but I feel cleaner
Being all I can in the face of disaster
That’s how I attain the title of Master
Nobody can match my awesome rhyming ability
It is in fact a sign of my nobility
And yes, I constantly have to prove it
‘Cuz if I let it down, I bruise it
And the sad, melancholy nights are done
Pow! I say and my day has begun
No, it isn’t as boring as history tells
Since we bring excitement of ringing their bells
And galloping along on a steel Schwinn horse
Sure, I could call it Trigger, of course
But it’s more modern than that
Perhaps I’ll name it Cat in the Hat
‘Whatever!’ you say…but I’m having my day
Because I’m not counting ones not impressed
Whether I’m clothed or whether I’m dressed
I’m all I can be, it’s my attainable goal
You may be a friend or even a foe

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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