Funky Town

Funky Town

Funky Town
While we are standing and discussing life
Pigeons strut with gazing strife
Eyeing us up and down
To catch what’s falling on the ground
So simple to eat, sleep, and shit
Looking down, I see my lunch kit
And I wonder why I tote it around
Instead of scattering it upon the ground
Shoo fly! I’m not the shit!
Seems I’m throwing another fit
To keep them from tasting my salt
That I constantly ooze out – my fault
The hot sun of the Texas heat
Leaves me wary of what I eat
If I pack on too many pounds
My feet would not lift off the ground
Complacency and contentment preserve
All the energy and it’s in reserve
For sometime & place lovlier down the road
In the meantime, I’m as a dead toad
Lying around, counting my blessings
A turkey basted without the dressing
The question remains about tending
My answer is I’m legal, not tender
Hey, Man, I’m sweating it out
Or drying up from filling my cup
Now I fill it & drink it dry
There’s nothing left except the high
I’ve got nothing to hide and nothing to steal
Ownership immense, but it’s not a big deal
Just winking at life as I feel
Not losing at ‘Let’s spin the Wheel’
Destiny and fortune will tell
As for now I am under my spell
And I double-checked for accuracy
With that thing they call a dictionary
Therefore, while we are standing around discussing life
You oughta know, he still has a wife
I made a move to Funky Town…it was right for me
It kept me movin’ and groovin’ with some ENERGY!
Although I sweat bullets, I’m not shot
Just moseyin’ along although I’m hot
To the next free meal or venue
Sometimes it’s the same on the menu
Even so, that doesn’t stop me to sway
Just following my nose along the way
Dancing down the city street
Forgetting pounding of my feet
And I arrive with open arms
Amongst the sirens and alarms
The many bags and shopping carts
Amongst the noisy smelly farts
No matter what we treasure
We feast to our heart’s leisure
Then it’s back out to face the elements
Or safe inside, like elephants
Now I only use this animal to compare
Due to it’s memory of who’s got care
It’s never predictable or uniform
But it’s mostly away from the storm

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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