Get Yo Ass Out of Bed

Get Yo Ass Out of Bed

Get Yo’ Ass Out of Bed
Big yellow earring
Circular in shape
Where did you go?
What now shall I drape?
Hit the snooze button, DOINK!
Back up again, BOINK!
Check my e-mail and Facebook
Don’t look now, Don’t look now, DON’T!
Blurring the lines…night to day, day to night
Where’d it go? I don’t know!
Run, Run, Run, don’t relax!
Don’t send it snail mail, FAX!
How much time is left for you?
One never knows
It doesn’t stop and it never slows
That blows!
FASTER! Move that ass, FASTER!
You need to leave enough time
It won’t simply rewind
FASTER! But…haste makes waste…SHIT!
What is one to do?
We can’t move at one speed, so
Slow, slow, quick, quick slow…
How do I know? The song, Dancin’ in Heaven!
© Bonita Louise Christensen

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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