Life is Suffering for Happiness

Life is suffering, but the main goal of everybody is contentment. Based on my own personal experiences, including family life, education, and negotiations with merchants, I can conclude this as true.
People are definitely masters of manipulation, but that does not necessarily make them ‘evil’. What matters is the ultimate effect on all parties involved when the aftermath hits the fan.
Rules are created in the business world and all businesses are, for the most part, capitalistic in nature. For an individual to also become capitalistic in nature, he/she must make decisions which would create the type of environment that is ideal for them. The world can be an expensive place to live if one thinks their ultimate satisfaction is derived from driving high-priced automobiles, owning huge-assed television sets, buying every song they like hearing off of itunes, speeding around the lake on whatever contraption turns them on, or flying around the skies in their own private plane. The list of these wonderful inventions goes on to infinity, but one really needs to ask themselves whether or not they are living the quality of life they have always dreamed possible. Goods and services, no doubt, give us a smug and laughable satisfaction. Even so, there is an intrinsic satisfaction they lack which goes so deep into the human psyche, it cannot be ignored. This satisfaction only comes through the sheer striving, effort, and courage. It comes from taking chances and calculated risks. These acts of experimentation and commitment cause effects and reactions in people that are so surprising and rewarding that they can even surpass the entire nonsense of accumulating goods and services until death.
For example, rather than buying those fancy products designed to help lose weight, does it ever occur to a consumer that there might be other options like fasting, more exercise, and just devoting time to hobbies in order to distract thoughts of food?
The main problem, yes, I said problem, with society is that we believe lies and we compare ourselves to our neighbors. Sometimes we just cannot fathom that we actually have the nerve and gumption to just get off the merry-go-round and observe. When I say ‘get off the merry-go-round, I mean stop watching television and stop feeling as though running to another store or restaurant is going to solve all problems and that nirvana will be acheived.
I’m not quite fifty yet and can tell you that the day a person closes up to go into thier cocoon because they lost their job, car, spouse, child, or whatever they thought was so important to them…hey, that is the day their eyes will become wide open (or shut if you prefer since it is a cocoon) and they will realize as they look around that they are actually very, very wealthy and stinking rich. It might sound ironic and maybe even a tad bit pathetic, but it is so true. For inside this seemingly miserable world which they are left somewhat stunned and bewildered in, they need to adjust in their seemingly dreary existence…what’s left? (meaning resources), what’s next? (meaning what do I strive for now), and how can I still make a difference? (meaning what will this prove to others/self and how can this enrich thier lives?) Maybe even ask myself, ‘What would I take with me if I were to be stranded on an island?’
Overcoming obstacles is a battle and it can be extremely difficult to shut off the emotional warfare (monkey chatter) in one’s mind, but life is not always going to be a bowl of cherries. Sometimes it’s going to be a bowl of lemons and we just have to squeeze them and make that joyous lemonade we are all so fond of.
One time I was asked why everything has to be such a crisis. That only made me realize how different we all are and at the same time, how very much alike we all are. We all seek perfection. Our perfect car, spouse, job, living arrangement, house, and so on. but if we think about the bigger picture, we have to come to terms to say that we are really just a bunch of foolish, silly people/children…even the ‘adults’ because one person’s idea of perfection will not be so perfect to somebody else. Sometimes we simply fall for someone who is not at all those things on our ‘check list’.
Self-discipline and delayed gratification are two of my personal worst enemjies because I HATE them both with a passion. Maybe everybody does, but putting them into operation really has its rewards.
Now I won’t tell you my entire life story since this is a book devoted to my observations of Economics, Philosophy, and real-life, down-to-earth factual phenomena, but as I write and organize my thoughts so seriously…I can tell you there is a peculiarity about life. This peculiarity causes emotions that vary from person to person, but in the long-run, it is better and healthier for a person to cease their frustration and anger for the time being, or afterwards, and just laugh about the experience because really…what other choice does one have? When people argue and bicker one really needs to pretend they just sucked helium. That way they come off as sounding like little children in a playground complaining about the price, comparing themselves to others, pretending they have the upperhand, and basically heightening their imaginary ‘power’ to outsmart, beat-down, bully, or otherwise manage the emotional well-being of another.
Okay…now for a ‘piece of me’, and Britney Spears might say…I’m the kind of person who wanted to be many things as a little girl and I never could just set my heart on one. I did the whole bit of being a ‘good girl’ and sold girl scout cookies in third and fourth grade. In sixth grade, I had a paper route. Like everyone, I wanted to be liked by all, but I could not understand the fluctuations of the affection and it irritated me because I was guilty of the whole comparison game as I pondered to myself…’I’m doing everything right, so why don’t they ‘like’ me and why am I not ‘popular’? Never was I very outspoken about it because of those many reminders and rules about the kind of person I ‘ought’ to be. As said in the song by Hall & Oates, ‘Big Kids’, really, that’s all we actually are and I don’t care how ‘mature’, ‘well-mannered’, or ‘polite’ one tries to put themselves out there as being. We are all just basically children trying to provide for our own children. We set our own rules and pace. S ometimes we do it ruthlessly at the expense of others, unfortunately, but at our best we do so as a pattern while accepting without regard to the weather, gossip on the news, or other outside inteference. Let’s face life honestly and just admit that other people and life’s circumstances can be extremely irritating! However, if we are patient enough and can brave out the stormy arguements and demands, then maybe we can all have that peace, happiness, and contentment we all want. This includes everything from when we pay our bills to when we will pick up our kids from the school event. Remember, we can’t always be everything for everyone else nor should we try. It is our own personal happiness that matters no matter what others say, feel, or think about it.
In my life, I have always focused on being a productive and vital work-a-holic who, as any red-blooded American woman, loves to shop and look attractive everywhere I go. However, I never paid much attention to exactly how much I’d been accumulating. My family saw. My friends saw. ‘Okay, I have a coat so if I buy one I need to get rid of one.’ I’m a rabid, feasting beast of a collector. Instead, I would say to myself, ‘Okay, what color coat don’t I have?’ or ‘Hey, this fake fur coat and this leather coat look cool too, I’ll buy different colors in those coats as well! Won’t that be fun!’ Maybe this aspect about myself won’t change, but let’s just say that I imagine that ownership makes me happy while I never cared much about how all these items could have equaled a bigger home for my family instead. It is no wonder families squable so much about money.
Signs were everywhere with warnings about greed, but I never paid much attention. I just kept going to work, getting a paycheck, paying my car payment and other bills, and going to sleep to do it over and over and over again and again and again. The chase after that beloved dollar bill was definitely a thrill of ‘happiness’, but in the long-run, what it did was deprive me of sleep and more enjoyable activities. Now sure, I could take that average joe job and push buttons on a cash register somewhere or try a phone sales job or work at some restaurant, but my inner core is rather worn out from taking jobs that do not challenge me in any way whatsoever nor assist in my advancenent. Therefore, I woke up and asked myself what I really wanted to do in my heart. That is when my psyche reverted to childhood and I realized that one of the best things of which I am quite excellent at doing is writing. Even so, I would still enjoy an attempt at making a movie, creating many music pieces, and, for my crafts as well as writing talent, creating a poem for each little craft item. To me, a life worth living is lived much, much better if we can reach for the stars. Maybe we will bump our head on the sky, but it’s worth it just the same. We just have to stand up and face our enemy, fear.
Another factor I’ve thought about to keep in mind is that people will never in a zillion lifetimes understand me or what I stand for. The reason is because it never remains constant. One day I’m for freedom, another day I’m for dependency which requires another person. Mostly, though, I could say during this moment of writing thru my husband’s divorce proceeding…I am FIERCELY independent…on FIRE perhaps! In conversations, I change topics a little faster than usual because I become bored and it throws my audience off…maybe that’s just because of my director-style and desire to socially DOMINATE. Rather than cling and linger to one relationship, I would rather circulate and become acquainted with multiple personalities. Even so, I don’t enjoy staying long. Knowing this, I seem to be disloyal, insincere, or perhaps shallow to others. but as I said, never in a billion lifetimes could anyone understand me. I am a very impatient woman who hates soap operas, boring meetings, commercials, and ‘the process’ of things. Like any red-blooded American, I desire instant gratification and lack the patience to wait. The only reason I am taking the time to graciously write is because it is one of my deepest passions and I seem to be a perpetual student in this game called life. It gives me my own satisfaction and therefore, I feel it is worthwhile. Forgetting the housework, bills, obligations, shopping, bike rides, movie-going, visiting friends, dancing, or any other leisure seems to be passive to most and perhaps too disciplined, but as I have stated…understanding me…not in a zillion years!
I’ve been instructed by a close family member that I should not write a book or keep diaries. I disagree. Even though many books have already been written and many viewpoints are already in circulation does not mean my own personal version should not exist. It must exist because if the question is to be or not to be…TO BE is my answer! People will talk in everywhich direction they want and all opinions and advice will be varied. Therefore…BOOM…here I am! Nobody can tell anyone something is not worth writing and that it’s a vain effort. That is nonsense! Everyone writes everything and that includes me too. Yes, I’m vain and yes, I have a fairly big ego. Ideas about ‘enjoying life’ and ‘deriving happiness’ differs from person to person. Some people want to be mostly unknown and anonymous and others like to proclaim who they are. Due to my upbringing, I’m a little of both. I will admit to you, I am a passive/aggressive because I do harbor a little fear about what people will think/say and this can be said to be a real ‘nowhere man/woman’, but isn’t everybody?
Time is of the essence in building the quality of life one wants and can take the privilege of enjoying. One can choose to lead a life of leisure and pleasure, one of working to the bone for every dollar of the future or one that contains a combination of both. In any event, my opinion is to not be spontaeous or hasty about the choice. Otherwise, what is realized is the job does not fit. We are molded by society to take whatever job ecomes available and force ourselves to somehow be happy with it. But in doing just that repeatedly throughout my life, I could never acheive happiness because I am a competitor, leader, and enjoy making my own rules. All jobs, of which I randomly and luckily was able to hold for some length of time, were always short-lived when what I really wanted was a long-term, enjoyable career.
Now sure we are trained to ‘make it work’, ‘play along’, ‘play nice’, and when asked to jump, ask, ‘how high?’, but I have found through experience that appeasing others every day makes for a harrowing existence and that I lose my true self in that type of ‘fake it ’til you make it’ attitude. My concern for America, the free and the brave, is that in all of the rule-making and rule-following, we are actually using abusive methods in getting the job done rather than complimenting and rewarding efforts put forth. There have been jobs where my honesty had been questioned as well as jobs with completely off-the-wall, unrelenting, and unrealistic expectations set forth and what I have absolutely committed myself to at my age and experience is to exert every effort in my soul and gut to never be psychologically hurt by other people’s stupidity ever again. Businesses are not only greedy, but they are anxious as well and they will always excuse themselves with ‘It’s nothing personal, it’s just business’. But even so, an individual is expecting a constant flowing cash flow just as businesses are and individuals in America do not have the same types of tax cuts and perks that businesses do. Every single dollar that we put into our vehicles and every single dollar we spend to hop on the bus to get to work should be tax-deductible because we risk our life, health, and wealth just to get to work. The disparities between management and workers must become less to promote a willing and able workforce. The idea that money is irrelative and that workers should want to work no matter the circumstances is mute to myself and I am certain, the rest of America’s workers.
Yes, I am a hypocrit. I would love to have others to stop judging me, yet still I judge also. the invisible hand that John Maynard Keynes talked of to me means love, but he never stated this because love is out of context when it comes to the educational system. yet, even so, let me explain. When I say ‘love’, I do not mean it in a physical, romantic sense. I only mean it as a necessity for both businesses and consumers. Businesses want our dollar so they lower the price of various products. Businesses offer extra gifts and perks with the purchase of other products because they want to thrive and make money.
Believe it or not, I really do have a logical, analytic mind, but at the same time, I’m for real. Like other college students, I sat in many classes to listen to various professors’ rhetoric. I even forgot that they are really there simply to help facilitate my learning, not become my brain or being. Attractions came and attractions went, but over the years fi am surprised at how much I remember and at the same time how the details can fade a bit. Even so, let me just state that in life, we use each other through our interactions. The human factor cannot be overlooked in our endeavors. Taking one another for granted is just a small part of our growing experience. The hurt, anger, struggle, and tears must be overlooked though in order to move on and get whatever job we deem important done.
Yes, I realize this might seem to be contrary to my previous writings concerning job goals, but when it comes to learning and growing, I am adament about continuous thriving. When it comes to making the almighty dollar, however, I have greater expectations. Somehow I feel more deserving of an hourly wage. At the expense of time and bills, I have therefore decided to try other various avenues of generating that almighty dollar because to be productive and happy on a regular basis, I know what brings my heart the most joy. Are you with me so far?
It does not matter to me in the long-run whether whoever reads this book agrees with me or not because i realize, as should you, that it is the dream and vision, that matters the most. Past experiences can be unfortunate or enriching. What one really needs to keep in mind is that the past is really history. I realize it has been said that history repeats itself, but at the same time we need to always remember that if the same set of circumstances confront our essence of being, we can actually attempt to control the events that follow and turn our experience around simply by maintaining a sense of optimism and happiness despite obviously negative circumstances.
For example, rather than become disappointed that a store would not accept our return, we could just leave our return anyways and then turn to leave. It gives one a sense of power instead of assumed powerlessness. We could also donate the return or give it to a friend or throw it away, but nothing gives a consumer more satisfaction than giving them what they don’t want!
I’m laughing! I actually did this and that sense of power wore off, but I’m not perfect. Now I said I was for real and I am. Despite the fact that some of my readers may say that I need an attitude adjustment, need to drink more and party more, or maybe just need to get laid, I’ll just say…no, that is incorrect. of course i realize this is earth and it’s no heaven and that we really cannot coexist without insulting, competing, mocking, or protecting one another. But at the same time at the gym, meditating, or sitting on the john, we need to ask ourselves whether or not what we bought was worth all our vanity and if so, why do we want or need more? When one contemplates on this extraordinary inquiry, one could also ask, ‘could I make this thing I see at the store with the materials I already have?
Economics is not only a science, but also an art. We do the best we have with the resources we have. The resources, however, are not entirely of the monetary nature. Resources can include our education, physical elements, paper currency, or simply time. whatever the happiness, we decide. Still, I cannot ultimately decide the exact order of my own personal values. Most people put family and friends first, and this is fantastic. For me, however, there have been so many put-downs and disappointments from family and friends that I have decided that following my heart comes first despite family and friends. Even in my own selfish endeavors, however, they are still ironically included in my dream job and vision because if my projects actually bear fruit, ripen, and are tasting good, they will also benefit. Attachment to family and friends can be detrimental to one’s journey because those people all have differing opinions. To journey thru life with confidence, it is best not to reveal plans since others doubts/opinions could dampen your spirit to advance.
Lately, I have not been putting too much value on watching television, surfing the internet, or reading the newspaper.. I know other people actually live for that stuff, but I have been such a victim of temptation due to advertising that thier influence had to diminish in my life. While viewing Paul Douglas with a bunch of Best Buy executives, I remember him stating how the advanced technology is addicting. Yes, in any of our endeavors, they are addictive and when we decide to slow down on the addiction of technology and actually have a face to face conversation…well that’s when we claim our life back.
As I see the world and all the intercourse going on in it, that is really what it seems to be about. You may laugh or feel disgusted by my thoughts, but as I see the world, we are all a bunch of penises penetrating the vagina doors of the stores to either buy or return something we eithr thought would make us happy or make a family member happy. there are various reasons why we shop for these things, but eventually, when we reach maximum accumulation and we are middle-aged and alone, that’s the day we realize the economy is not stimulating us anymore, so why are we stimulating the economy? The experience, we see, is that perhaps we are just masterbating in false hopes. Then again, maybe we could just be happy and remember that, after all, one is a person and counts, so therefore, hurah for masterbation!
So as a red-blooded American woman, let me sum up some kind of thesis here. This may sound cliche’, but we are taught in school that if we work extra hard and attend college we can earn an excellent paying job. It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? I am all for a great education, but actually, it is the relationships that make a job worthwhile. Yet, when one is a loner and a bit too impatient to form any quality relationships because she does not care to slow down, the attractions can hurt like hell when rejection occurs, a job ends and thus the relationship to some extent, or our spouse leaves & threatens divorce…then it seems a might intimidating to even attempt. Whenever I meet people, I especially enjoy the company of, I can’t help but become attached to them. It may be that I love too much and that is the exact fear as to why women did not join men centuries earlier. Conversations, judgements, and attachments are taken a might seriously for women and when we are betrayed, abandoned, or just left without a good reason, then it can be maddening. Yet through this comes the primitive sense that when one does anything and everything to improve the situation and it goes sour…well it’s vital to be an optimist. Why? Because if your nose is in the dirt, you’re drowning in debt, relationships went awry, etc., etc. well there is still a light inside that’s burning inside. It’s when we become inventive and think outside the box…after our cry or our self-indulgence of ice cream, chocolate, liquor, nicotine, coffee, books, television, video gaming, music, or whatever. There really is humor in it and resources are still available within the goods we purchased…that is if we did not open the packages yet! LOL! There’s donation, there’s selling, and there’s return to the store, but in any event…money can be had once again for the transition to the ‘other side’. By that I mean a new place to live, a new job, and so on. It is to my belief that all parties could be happier without divorce as well, but to REALLY move on, it is to my opinion that divorce and death mean the same thing…not a failure, but just an ending. One could try belaboring their situation, but trouble with a capital ‘T’ will be inevitable because problems abound if acceptance is not done. Once the new job begins and a new cell phone is had, the phone calls, bills, and solicitations will pour in…not to mention your ex-spouse continuously hounding for that divorce. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or where you work. But to be a vital part of the work force again and to get on with life as once before, the divorce MUST happen. The alternative is that you sit still in an environment with no people and you are not getting yourself heard or known…one might as well be dead! Participation is a part of life! Even so, it makes me so irritated to write that! You see…if it can be built once, it can be built again…if it was bought once, it can be bought again…we tear down and re-build all the time. Sometimes I feel as though I am worshiping the computer as I write, but if that is what it takes to get the word out, that’s what I’m doing. Besides, if it is easier news for a woman to get her head around, try this…if there was no house, there would be no housework! Living in a tent, a car, an apartment, a dorm room, an office, or a hotel room are all options. Right now I live in a house and I am still married. I should be happy, but those papers really do make a difference in the quality of my life and maybe I should just banish them forever if they are really that important. Yet the other alternative would be to stay in the house, keep the house, and continue housework. That would be somewhat happy because I could remain a house owner, but hey, I guess I really do like to own and drive a car, talk on my cell phone or just have it for emergencies at least, and live among my fellow American family. Besides…there must be a back-up plan in the event that my currently absent husband decides to be irresponsible and not make the payment or dies. Socializing is a little nutty and it means nitpicking, nagging, and one-up-man-ship, ridicule, praise, etc. etc., but even so…it is what it is! Really, I have always envied men in general due to their non-commitment to housework as well as their reluctance to allow women to make all the decisions. But now that I have the entire house to myself and all the time in the world, I do not envy them anymore nor do I envy their ability to generate an income easier than women. Nothing is really a secret, but then the only one that can be content with all the activities of their life is oneself and one’s conscience. I have a college degree and I did not earn it to simply become a housewife…how ludicrous! I have a husband, but if he isn’t having sex with me, then I am an abstaining wife…like a virgin as Madonna would say. Since I want to put my education to use, my husband asked for a divorce, and I want to live elsewhere, then it’s time to step up to that sweet-ass world and give it what it wants…a divorce! It’s just hard after all the built up creation of it all! I could take things with me, but I’m a cheap person and would rather buy it on the other side & start anew than work to haul all the stuff. So I’m still transitioning to what the final outcome can and should look like because there are two of them and only one of me. Regardless of how this all came about matters not. I can hear the floors creeking with all the wealth I’ve built and now it’s time to ask myself whether I did it for myself or for them. I see that my share of stuff here is probably a zillion to one, so the scales are quite skewed here. Let’s face it, I’m in-between and on the fence at this very moment, but will update later. Today is February 19, 2014. My birthday was yesterday. His birthday is tomorrow.
Life has a pattern and a rhythm and not everybody’s song is going to sound the same. It may sound as though I’m getting offtrack here, but I’m not. When we listen to music, other people, or the television, we get messages of how we are to feel or what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Even so, we all have our own path to walk and our own dance to dance so we need to listen only to our own song with its own pattern and rhythm.
One of the most difficult things to do in life is to refrain from reacting. Once I dropped my Sony Walkman into the St.Croix river and i just shrugged it off. A friend observed my behavior and was amazed I did not complain, but my mind is instantaneous and rather than get angry I just knew it would be ruined if fi attempted to fetch it.
What is easier said than done is to allow things to pass, die, or change. Yet life is better nmost of the time when we adapt to the odd new arrangements. Sometimes there can be a point of saturation when it comes to our ability to appreciate and embrace new songs, new movies, new technology, or even new loves. We can decide to take a deep breath in and just realize that even if we could own everything we wanted in what the world has to offer, there is still that special essence of simply being here that we fail to appreciate. Being alone, we are finally able to relax because inside our heart of hearts, we need to be content that the ‘invisible hand’ is doing its thing!
Rumor has it that there will be many new major motion pictures depicting biblical stories coming out in 2014. Personally, I’d rather see Weird Al play the part of Jesus because in reality i think it would be more believable and less serious-minded. Not only that, but maybe the American public could see why seeking such perfection only leads to hatred. Think about it. We are all basically prostitutes trying to gain interest for our businesses. Even when we attempt doing something ‘good’ it is still not ‘good’ because behind it all we are always self-interested and, therefore, ‘sinners’. If hearing this makes you angry and ready to put me on a cross for writing it, then good…I’ve made my point.
Now I did not mean to sound coarse or raunchy, so getting down to brass tacks, basic Economics and life in general, our system will never be perfect until we all take the extra stitch in time to conserve, be practical, and just remember two things as we live. One, we came into this world with nothing and, two, we are capable of making many of the items we find on store shelves.
Being a connoisseur consumer, I have managed to amass a fortune by seeking sales and shopping thrift stores. It was right under my nose all the time, but it didn’t matter. i was hard-wired for working to spend money so much that my opinion is that the word manna could also mean mania. Money is not the root of all evil, but the mania for it contrived from all the advertising is essentially damaging and therefore, in my opinion, evil. It turns the average, hard-working American into a work horse instead of a calm, rational, fun-loving individual.
When I was a child, I had huge dreams of becoming every actress, comedian, or entertainer I saw. That outgoing, anxious, adventuresome, and mischief-seeking, happy-go-lucky girl became institutionalized by our education system, as all children do, and with all the rules, regulations, and advice about who I was supposed to be swallowed those dreams for the most part. Being female, I experimented with many actions I thought would help me become well-liked. Some worked, some did not. Many of my classmates would probably say that I was too serious for my own good and really lacked some of the social daringness necessary for social success. Self-doubt as well as insecurity ruled my world much of the time. Really, I did not fit into any of the top categories of jock, nerd, or rebel. It was strange to want many friends yet only be well-liked or admired by a handful. Perceptions do change, but the buddy-system remains essentially the same and I can understand there’s more to it than personality. For instance it might just be more convenient to form a friendship with someone living in a closer vicinity. We are almost like real estate with our location, location, location.
Although I’d been quiet, serious, and reserved most of my life, i now understand that whatever happens to us is relatively random. Therefore even when we achieve success, we do not always realize it. In actuality, there is no formula or magic to getting what you want and there is no bad luck involved or karma in losing what we had. The gains or losses stem from our behavior as well as time and calculated risks. Yet there is a deeper need in our psyche we fail to address. For instance, it is an invisible want we can’t even see. that could be the want for human love, acceptance, approval, politeness, courtesy, respect, decency, and so on and so forth.
When I lost both of my cars due to being distracted through the process of divorce, it helped me reach another goal, losing weight because I’d biked and walked out of necessity. Distractions and temptations are everywhere, I am learning, and when we care so much about what others think or we fear losing our stuff, meeting other people, or letting the family down…why then we are merely pushing the pause button for time out. That button cannot continue though. All we need to do is visualize the outcome of the rest of our lives and how the quality of our life will be different. Sitting in a world of contentment and enchantment isn’t really the answer. When I would bump into things moving through my home of accumulation there are two things I could consider…I’m ‘rich’ and two OMG, I’m my mother on steroids and my home has BECOME the thrift store…I’m a HOARDER!!! That’s how I came to the conclusion that I must stop this material girl-ism because underneath it all she’s dead and buried in a sea of wealth with no people in her home to share it with! My fear and cause of the shopping for food too when my refrigerator was brimming with food was that I would run out. That is why I stopped buying toilet paper too and cut up T-shirts, socks, and underwear. Well, I know you didn’t want to hear that, but WHOMP, there it is!
Marriage too institutionalized me as many others. Heck, everywhere we look in every country there are nothing but institutions and they are really chains and prisons that our spirits/core soul get stuck into. Then we actually get so tied to them as well as our homes & cars that, like an elephant chained up at a circus, we actually convince ourselves that we ‘enjoy’ all of this life. We do, but then the constant upkeep of them just becomes one long chore. To break free, all we need to remember is how we came in and how we are going out. It may not make us ‘nicer’ or ‘kinder’ because, let’s face it…we are all a bunch of brats wanting our way all the time and wanting it for free.


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Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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  1. mac56 says:

    Hi Bonita! I see you are sorting things out by writing as well as expressing your thoughts on our economic world. Be safe adventuresome one!
    Love you Sis!


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