Then Sings My Sole

Sure, you can have a shoe without a sole
Not too smart…especially if you bowl
Strike out as many times as you wish
Just be careful with your mouth
Learn how to wash a dish
Should you have one life to spare
Might as well take a dare
Perhaps then life could be a fair affair
Instead of madness in your hair
If only the eye let would let
You’d roam around a bit
You’d stop sticking out your tongue
Then allow the in sole to console (count yourself among)
To happily cajole
And be joyful when you’re on a roll
Try not getting pinned in the gutter
Think of talking and don’t stutter

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Just Sew


He came out of the blue to say

‘Don’t be a frayed, just sew!’

Although I had bias, he advised me to

Cut it at an angle

The right side and wrong side

Should be gathered in the grade it seams

He said I could always baste

Before making an edge-stitch or stay-stitch

The notches can help align the pattern

Some seam allowance is needed

Between the raw edge and the stitching line

There’s no sense in getting cross grain

When the grain line runs parallel to what’s selvaged

It may be necessary to clip

For flattening a curved seam

It doesn’t much matter whither using

Top-stitch or under-stitch or knit or woven fabric

You can always finish seams

With a back stitch

And sometimes, some elastic is helpful…

He came out of the blue to say

‘Don’t be a frayed, just sew!’

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Have I been Bewitched by these Producers?

I am Legend Saving Face

Kicking and Screaming without a Dick

The Karate Kid said it was Showtime

My Step Brothers thought they were the Ladies Man

But those Bad Boys had Six degrees of Separation

The Other Guys were Men Seeking Women

As I Focus on Gemini Man

The Winter Passing becomes Stranger than Fiction

This Means War in the Wild Wild West

The Campaign becomes Old School

The Shark Tale was about Annie

A Night at the Roxbury

Turned out to be Land of the Lost

Where the Day takes You

Is the Pursuit of Happyness

While Zoolander was Drowning Mona

The Bad Boys for Life had a Concussion

Jay and Silent Bob skated in on Blades of Glory

Spies in Disguise bought a Time Share

Daddy’s Home as well as Melinda & Melinda

The Human Contract revealed The Secret Life of Bees

The Anchorman reported A Deadly Adoption

Men in Black were sent with the Suicide Squad

Megamind said Everything Must Go

But he was a Semi-Pro with Vice

My Collateral Beauty rose on Independence Day

Curious George was an Elf

The Goods were there to Live Hard and Sell Hard

But I had to Wake Up Ron

The Enemy of the State was iRobot

That vacuum cleaner was a SuperStar

But with Hancock and Hitch

The House Get(s) Hard with The Suburbans

After Earth, The Redemption

Was Austin Powers on Talladega Nights

The Winter’s Tale of Aladdin Made in America

Was The Lego Movie

Holmes & Watson were Bright

The Seat Filler gained Seven Pounds


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May Seas


With every kind of kitchen convenience

With every type of fathomable container

Seems I am kept by this genius

What could be any plainer?

Blessed to have them by day

And VERY blessed to leave them at night

Tis my home away from home

And I’ll never be alone

I tried to set it and forget it

But that theory was false

Although I live without Sunbeam

It saves my skin to gleam

Such a restless spirit nonetheless

In this man-made scheme called progress

Even as my star is an embarrassing red

It could be worse, I could be dead

With Princess Diana and Darling Nicki

The situation gets awfully sticky

Don’t wanna be Goliath going up against David

Let my true path be pave-Ed

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Scandalous Stalking


He spoke of a code to access the stock room
I considered the unsaid possibilities
With this fine, potential cabana boy
As one could expect, there’s a time, place & space for everything
Therefore, I played this foolish game
As I tugged on our drawers
…Oh YES…
(and that is how we score at the store)

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Wings of Protection


In my search for a few good men
My eyes were wide shut then
The legend of my map had faded
The outsiders had me jaded
The last samurai told me, ‘Ask the dust!’
Seems the endless love had me losin’ it
Even so, far and away in oblivion
The color of money was my knight and day
It was risky business without collateral
But my space station was without limits
I printed out a minority report
And misted it with the scent of magnolia
I was captured by a narc
He said I lived a life in pictures!
During my days of thunder
Seems I’d entered war of the worlds
The mummy offered me a cocktail
While the firm decided I was American made
There was a top gun acting as rain man
He suggested I should see lions for lambs
This top gun maverick’s name was Jack Reach her
He had all the right moves
But I kept hearing taps
Seemed he was in Elizabethtown
Later on, I had an interview with the vampire
Again, I heard tropic thunder
It seemed another mission impossible
Yet, the Valkyrie had chosen me
At my edge of tomorrow, Jerry Maguire would hear
My rock of ages while we viewed the vanilla sky.

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And so I took it out of context
Somehow, must have been under a hex
Still, it makes perfect sense
Since I see clearly through my lens

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