Mysterious Limousine



With the l-o-n-g-e-s-t stretch of the imagination
I see it in awesome elation
This vehicle which holds nine
Snuggles me within my hide
Starting with my feet, his hands glide up my stems
If I describe further, you’d see my rims
And I’m trying hard to keep the greasy side down
Let’s just say he isn’t a fool nor a clown
Up past my engine, he reaches my headlights
And he’s twisting the bulbs to see whether they light
Have I piqued your interest? He asks
My exhaust breathes out a gasp
“It’s not with a stick I shift you, my darling.” He whispers
Then, after our love-making episode, seems we’re ready to explode
Who’s taken who for a ride, my lover?
(This poem was supposed to be undercover…)

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Blind Growth

When I no longer see the risk of exposure

Nor blame the past outcome

Or search for the cause of the future

The vision becomes clear while blindfolded

Simply walk through the dark lightly

And through the light with might

Because mustard seeds grow

Even though it seems slow

That’s about all I know

My senses tingle

As I begin to mingle

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Confounded, but Grounded

Confounded, but luckily not impounded

Exposure was the risk

Towards an outcome to frisk

And the world pushed back

Against an obscure fact

Because it boomerangs all you give

There’s no other way to live

Thank goodness I am grounded

Like a coffee bean & astounded

So smooth to the taste

And not a drop to waste

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Keep Going Part 2

I can’t put my finger in to hold it back

Guess all I can do is pick up the slack

The damn is just gonna break

What can we do when all the news is fake?

            Does he want us climbing the walls?

            Maybe we drove him up the wall

            Me thinks I hear the cattle call

            Please, more cow bell while we stall

Does this have to be our annihilation?

Why can’t it be a celebration?

Just give us some ventilation

Seems we’ve got irritation through the infiltration

            Can’t wear diapers anymore

            Working takes on such a bore

            Where’s the window? Where’s the door?

            Please draw the curtain! My head is hurtin’

(From banging on the wall)

What else can I say?

Not much time to roll in the ‘Hey!’

Seems these walls may be closing in

With all this silly discipline

            Again, I’ve said absolutely nothing

            Did we find our Waterloo?

            Or another place Xanadu?

            Hey Olivia, Newt & John, what you say?

We huff and puff but this wall isn’t going away

If we just yield like flesh, then, where’s our muscle?

It seems we’re all quite busy doing the hustle

            I don’t know what I’d do

            Without that right-left shoe

            It’s an idear of fun

            Put on your Nike’s, RUN!!!

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Keep Going

All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

When the walls come tumbling down

Everyone will see a magnificent frown

He’s got America up against a wall

Thinks he’s Big Boss man,

 But he’s just tall that’s all

  He really hates to see a stall

  I don’t have a ticket to the inauguration ball

  But I’d go with my favorite character, WALL-E, with gall

   Think the Antz may form a wrecking ball

   Should he manage to out-do us all

I’m getting so political I don’t even like it

But poetry’s my way of throwing a fit

Someway, somehow, we’ve got to plow & grow

Amidst the shit, water flows

I suppose the man on the moon knows

Zacktly where my spirit goes

Even though love’s running hot

A cold shower’s better than a golden bot

Who is this? General Mandribble?

What has the whole world done to his ego?

Zzzz…t!!! This has to run its course

But poetry fever is a colorful horse!

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Merry Christmas Amanda

Here’s a song I didn’t write

But I messed with it in spite

Hope you enjoy it late

Since I can’t control my fate

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You can lick off my lip gloss

I want your all-important mojo

Better clean those hands with Gojo

If your sea men can cure cancer

I can be your belly-dancer

I’ll be your sidekick, Sancho Panza

You’ll be my everlasting stanza

I want your admiration

Take me off of this vacation

I want some kind of merger

Can we take it any further?

I want you to hear me moan

Play me like Dad’s saxophone

You’ll be my member with your club

(Perhaps without that awful thud)

I want my ankles wrapped around your neck

Can I  pull it off? Oh heck!

I want us to travel around the world

I’m ready for flight with wings unfurled

It will take less than eighty days

No prerequisite required such as haze

I want a sweet seduction

Enough of this self-induction

You could be my dog if I can be your pet

All this nasty talk has me getting all wet

Maybe this kind of humor should be delivered dry

Just can’t throw in the towel as I get high

Hopefully, this has been titillating

Since I really want you penetrating

Then again, if you wash my mouth out with soap

You’d see my poetry addiction as dope

Certainly, you could throw me a rope

And we could play tug-o-war with hope

My darling, it doesn’t quite cut the mustard

Because when it’s gone clear there’s no custard

I really don’t want to desert my dessert

Maybe we could share it in a yurt

I’m horny, but explaining

Only seems like I’m complaining

Since you only understand from your perspective

And I don’t want to seem defective

Still, you ask what’s my objective

Seems my love is quite effective

Sweetheart, in all retrospective

Thoughts have been quite subjective

And in being so selective

I’m protective of earnings prospective

I want the fairytale without politics

Yet, that only leaves me a heretic

So, for now I can be a fish swimming upstream

You’ll hold onto my tail in our dream

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